S4 Passage Reading Listening Exercise

25th Feb – 1st March 2013

I think Hong Kong teenagers are in love with Japanese culture. Just look at how crazy they are about Hello Kitty! I mean ... I've got friends who would spend thousands of dollars on things that have the Hello Kitty logo. They are also crazy about the singers from Japan. Well, I guess that's because Hong Kong is close to Japan geographically and Japan is the most advanced country in Asia. That's why teenagers in Hong Kong like most of the things made in Japan.
4th March - 8th March 2013 Hong Kong Chic Restaurants
  The newly revised edition showcases 50 stylish restaurants with stunning photographs and insights. This is a true insider's guide to selected dining and entertainment venues in Hong Kong. This book is a must-have for travellers who want to know about the best places to eat in Hong Kong.
  Price: $210
11th March - 15th March 2013 Jade Teahouse - Wan Chai
  Tel: 2501 9590
  Famous for its Hong Kong style milk tea, pork chop buns and French toast, Jade Teahouse is busy every hour of the day. With a choice of more than 100 dishes, from fried rice or wanton noodles to western style mixed grills, you can get almost any dish you want at Jade Teahouse.
  Average cost: $50 per person
18th March – 22th March 2013 Cultural Exchange Programme


We are looking for students to participate in a cultural exchange programme in July. The aim of the cultural exchange programme is to bridge the cultural gap between Hong Kong students and the students from Canada and the USA. We want you to give a presentation about Hong Kong to a group of 12 foreign students. For future information, please contact Mr. Lee.